Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Trip - Day 9

Today is our last day in Northern Kenya. We will return to Nairobi tomorrow. We attended the church service at the local Agape Fellowship. The service included a Bible focus hour, praise and worship and the main service. Tim M. led the Bible Focus. He did a great study on the transforming power of God’s love and how this love led us to this place and the work that is going on here. The youth performed the drama “The Redeemer” before the main service. Tony P. preached at the main service and spoke on John chapter 9. Tony used all our experiences here as examples of the word and encouraged the people here to continue in the work that is being done. After the church service we returned to the guest house for a few hours to rest and prepare to move back to Nairobi. I would never have thought a plastic tote would make a good washing machine but as it turns out it works pretty well. We spent the evening at the Witt’s house. Jason made dinner for the team. He is a great man of God and he can cook! What a combination. We spent the rest of the time fellowshipping with each other, the Bethany interns and the Witt family. Please pray for the Witt family. They are serving in an area that is difficult in so many ways and they do it with joy and love. They were great hosts for the team and provided an example to the team of the practical application of the love of Christ all week. They are an awesome family serving an awesome God.

So much has happened here it is hard to believe it has only been here a week. We have made relationships that will last the rest of our lives and memories that will be the next set of spiritual markers in our journey with Jesus. Everyone seems a little excited to be heading back to Nairobi and cooler weather. I don’t think anyone will miss the heat and dust but some part of all of us will remain here.


  1. Love all the pictures! Its great to see smiling faces! We're praying for you!


  2. Me too. Love all of the pictures.

    Mike, you are an awesome communicator. Thank you for keeping us informed. It has been an exciting journey for us as well.

    We saw the video on u-tube this morning during service. Very exciting. It was great to be able to see the land that you're working in and some of the people who live there.

    We will keep praying.

    Stormy and Ardene

  3. Wow! I enjoy reading the blogs and seeing the pictures. It's a real eye-opener. For those followers that are not members of LHC, the link for the video referred to above is
    Looking forward to your safe return to hear even more.

    Janice (Tony's sis-in-law)