Monday, June 14, 2010

Tonys Entry Africa Day 6

We are here in Africa, I am in a room filled with people from all over the world. There are 70 who have come together for this trip.
The joyfull love that I am so attracted to in those we serve is every bit as strong with the people of Nairobi. I had the privilege to go to church on Sunday with Mike Waldropp in a poor area. The ride to the church was an incredible adventure. We drove in a van where I wouldn't drive my 4 wheel drive truck. We crossed a bridge not fit to walk across. In fact the local driver would not come back and get us unless we hiked out to the main road as he was afraid of the bridge a second time. We jumped across a stream of sewage and garbage and entered a church so humble, in the US we would not enter for fear it would colapse. It was a wooden frame pieced together from 3 foot pieces of old, old lumber. It was covered in rusty pieces of steel filled with holes. The floor was dirt, rocks and gravel, with a pit in the corner where you could see out side.
As we entered the service worship was going on and I was pulled back to the first time entering a worship service at a camp for people with disabilities. It was such a genuine out pouring of joy and thanks to God, I was moved to tears. They allowed each visitor to come to the pulpit to greet the church, introduce themselves, tell of their family and what God is doing in their lives. The sound system crackled and popped but could not have sounded more beautiful. I was asked to greet the church and shared about how we minister to people with disabilities. Mike preached an amazing sermon about unity and how we aqre bothers and sisters in Christ. It ended with a Pastor Peter sharing a "coke and biscuits" with Mike and I and a dozen kids that he lovingly hugged and introduced to us to. We then walked back the half mile or so to the main road through the town. It was a gain amazing as kids ran up to us to see the "fat white guys"!
I will never be the same after attending that service. I have learned so much about being doorkeepers and worshippers of our king in a just few hours on a Sunday morning here. I can
end only by simply saying I am thouroughly humbled and ask for your continued prayer as God lights our path each moment here. Also I ask for your prayer for Tim as he leads us, there much pressure and responsility on him and he has been up to the task at every turn. Leadership is hard, but the rewards are great so pray for him please

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  1. God has so prepared you for this experience and this experience is preparation for whats next in your life and the ministries He has called you to. Again I pray for things to be accomplished that are so big that only God can do them. Believe with me, Tony and missions team, and see what God will do. I am excited.