Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Trip - Day 5

Today was the second day of business for the Living Hope Garissa Dirt and Stone Company. You dig it we’ll move it – or we’ll dig it and move it – or we’ll dig it, crush it and then move it – or whatever. The youth came and worked on the construction site for the morning. The big jobs today were backfilling the foundation with dirt and hard core. Hard core is a weird type of rock. It looks like really hard mud. When you backfill with hard core it has to be compacted. That is a fancy word for broken with a sledge hammer so the smaller pieces will pack together. The male teens came and moved dirt and broke hard core all morning. Those guys worked as hard as anyone on the site and made me feel every one of my years. All the parents should be proud because those guys really know how to get it done. Guys, my hat’s off to you. God has certainly blessed us by putting you with us on this trip.

The team conducted the first medical clinic today. They saw over 200 people today at a small village outside of Garissa. The chief of the village had been asking for medical for some time and was very happy to have a doctor come see his people.

The youth ministry group was very active today. They started off helping out the construction team in the morning, doing all the hard manual labor that was too much for the old guys (just kidding, but not really J). After being out in the hot sun and sweating so much you felt like you were swimming, the team traveled to do a sports clinic in a town just outside of Garissa. This sports ministry was very rewarding for us all. We were able to play soccer (football) and volleyball with the students there. We also had a great time socializing with some of the Muslim students. Coming to their level and doing things they enjoy doing really seemed to minister to them and to us in incredible ways. After spending a couple hours there, we still had more to accomplish for the day. We attended a revival service at a local church here in Garissa. It was amazing to be a part of this service. This church is located across the street from a mosque in a town where Muslim is the main religion and they frown upon Christians. These people have a boldness that I think we can all learn from. - Andy


  1. Andy, Thanks for all of the info. Great stuff. Glad to hear so much, so that we can think about all that you're doing there. And who knows what the Lord is doing? All awesome things for His glory. Proud of all of you. You're in our prayers and thoughts much of the time!
    Love, Stormy and Ardene

  2. Thanks for sharing! It's nice to hear your perpective on your time there.