Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tony's Entry: Step Four: Pray

As I enter into the final stage of preparations for our trip to Africa I have changed how I pray and think about the trip. I am going because I know this is what God has urged me to do. Once I made the fearful decision of, yes, I will go, God has shown in every step that this is the right thing to do. He has shown the same to my wife and family. He has provided the funds through His faithful givers, (even more than I needed!). He has given me the small things; such as a perfect brand new backpack from Goodwill for just $10 that had a $20 bill I found in one of the pockets after I got home!! He has helped us accomplish so much at Camp Daniel through the extended nice weather of late winter, spring and early summer. I go with no doubts, no regrets and with anticipation of having my heart broken for Him. I began this process asking if should go, how can I go, and why should I go? I pray now asking how will my heart be changed and for the courage to follow where He leads in submission to our teams leadership, to His direction, and to what He will unfold in our midst. I am uncomfortable, because I know without any doubt, me heart will be broken, my life will change, and I will never be able to go back to the way it was before I left.
Much of the Christian life is about the willingness to move into the hard situations, relationships and opportunities God provides in order to become more like Him. I am at a place in my life where I know to disregard my my flesh and it's selfish reasoning in order to move towards where God is working. (not to say I don't wine...alot... about what my flesh wants!) So my spirit leaps and is joyful for all God will do to change our team and thrill us with His love, His caring, and all He will take us through on this journey. There are few things as exciting as the moments before beginning another hike with God, knowing He will be walking the path, leading us up the mountain, through the valleys and into a place to experience Him in a whole new way.
While we still need resources as a team to do the work we are committed to, what we need most over the next two weeks before we leave is prayer. Pray for us to have courage to follow and submit. Pray for us to be humble and loving. Pray for us accept what will change in our hearts and lives on this journey and pray for our return as we come back different than we left.


  1. I will be in prayer for you and the team. Thank you for the posts and the requests.
    Be active in watching for these requests to be answered for I sence God will surprise you once again. Love and prayers, Tracy

  2. I will keep you and the team in my prayers!!
    and will be thinking of you!!

    take care!!


  3. Also you now go as a pastor from Living Hope Church and will return with a renewed vision to challenge our people to see the fields before them and respond to His call to be "missionaries" right where God has placed them. I believe that this team has been, is now, and will continue to be bathed in prayer like at no other time. I will be excited to read the Missions Blog each day eager to see how God moves to accomplish His plans in the lives of each mission team member. Put on the armor, Tony, but also remember that the battle is not yours, but Gods. (2 Cron. 20:15) I love you.