Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Trip - Day 8

Another day in paradise; anytime we are where God is we are in paradise no matter where we are physically. Today was our last day of formal ministry here. The men wound things up at the construction site. The youth and men moved 70 tons of rock, 40 tons of dirt and 30 tons of hard pack fill into the foundation of the school over the last week. We made over 1000 shims for leveling the form for the second floor slab and cut the timber (in Kenya wood is timber not wood) for the form. We also cut hundreds of mathange poles to support the second floor slab. We said goodbye to Dr. John who had to return to the states today. The medical clinics saw over 500 patients in three days. The clinics will help the local church continue building a relationship with their Somali neighbors along with helping the patients with their health. The youth attended revival meetings every night, conducted sports clinics, conducted services at local schools and services at local colleges. The services conducted by the youth provided encouragement to the local church and started relationships with the young Somalis in the area. As a team we have been very, very busy and the work has been hard but satisfying. We will attend church at the local Agape Fellowship tomorrow and return to Nairobi on Monday. Our time here has provided us with memories and friendships that will last a life time but I think we will all be happy to leave the heat behind (remember I told you how it was hot here, I wasn’t kidding). Please continue to pray for us as we move back to Nairobi and the remainder of our trip. We love you all and pray that God is blessing all those at we have waiting for us at home.

A few words from Jon Jarosinski:

Sooooo…where do I start? What an amazing experience this has been thus far! You know you are doing things right when you can feel God next to you every step of the way. I have enjoyed every single day in Northern Kenya thus far. I have been leading the teens in doing ministry in the afternoon and doing construction in the mornings. Ohhh the construction is brutal, but awesome! Hauling wheel barrow after wheel barrow, up and down wooden ramps, across layers of rock, and don’t forget to avoid the sledge hammer swinging guys on the way over. It’s almost like a trip to grandma’s house in the winter. Now do that 50 times over, and another 50 times, and guess what you get to do tomorrow? Wheel barrows! But all in all, it is good hard work that we have all enjoyed. Though it is hot and the work is difficult, the guys here, including the teenagers, have stepped up and surpassed any expectation we had for them. I cannot be prouder, I’ve never seen a group of people work this hard and not speak a single complaint. And don’t forget that it’s HOT. It’s funny, the last few trips I have been on have been teaching me how not to complain about cold showers and to not take hot showers for granted, I believe God is teaching me here to be thankful for cold water too! Cold showers have never been a bigger blessing. And the ministry we have been doing is just as amazing. We have been able to connect with so many people and share our stories. At first we were told that we have to be careful who we share Christ with, but God has allowed us to go to places where we didn’t have those restrictions. Mike LeClaire has been preaching and bringing the awesome word that he always does, and the teens have been performing the dramas spot on. This being my third trip, I’ve never worked with such a willing and powerful group of teenagers as this group. They have ministered to me so much; I am so blessed to have been part of the leadership of that group. This morning we had the chance to play soccer (or football, here) with a club which consists of muslims and Christians. I got dominated, but had a blast! The Kenyans are all super athletic and have natural abilities to play soccer. There was a child who must have been only ten years old who was already professional in my eyes. It was awesome. There is so much to talk about and share about this trip, God has been all over every single step we have taken. What an incredible journey and plan God has for all of us and the people of Kenya. I hope to continue to be a part of this changing country, and I thank every single person who has been praying for us and especially to those who donated generously to send us here. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Know that God has been blessing us and our ministry here. I am looking forward though to a good slice of pepperoni pizza and a cup of ice J. God Bless. – Jon Jarosinski


  1. Hey Mike W, tell George he looks great in that hat!! Love to read the blogs and so poud of all of you hard working people serving the Lord in all areas! You are in our prayers daily! Lori C

  2. I now have a better understanding how people felt long ago when Paul wrote his letters...your letters/blog have truly been a blessing to us all! They have been encouraging and inspiring. Continue to run the race!

    Love to all and Happy Father's Day:)

    Sally L

  3. Great to hear from you again. I really appreciate the updates. I like what Sally posted--it does give you an appreciation for the letters Paul wrote. Keep up the good work-continuing to pray. (Ice is overrated:-))