Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Trip - Day 13

The last two days have been busy. We travelled to Masai Mara for a safari. The drive takes about four hours and the roads are a little less comfortable than those at home. There were points where we drove beside the road rather than on the road because it was smoother. It was great to be able to spend a day decompressing from everything we have experienced to this point and to be able to enjoy the diversity and grandeur of God’ creation in a way that we never could at home.
We saw many examples of God’s design in the creation and learned a little about the Masai culture. The Masai are one of the many tribes of people who live in Kenya. When we returned to Nairobi we attended a farewell dinner with some of the pastors from Agape Fellowship. It was a great time of fellowshipping and sharing our experiences of what God has done through us, with us and to us while we have been here ministering in Kenya.

Tonight we had a farewell dinner at the Bishop Kabachia’s home. It was a time of great fellowship and blessings. Tracy and I had a chance to speak to Pastor Jonathon from Agape Church and upon reflection, it appears clear to us that the conversation was of Devine Appointment. At the present time Tracy and I are both experiencing a similar sense of confusion as a result of being at a crossroad in each of our lives. Both of us are unsure where God is calling us to take our next steps in life. As it so happens, Pastor Jonathon is undergoing a similar experience. In speaking with us, He revealed the story of Elijah, a story that has encouraged him to be at peace with the unknown himself. In 1 Kings, Elijah would go to the brook to receive food and direction from the Lord. One day when Elijah returned to the brook to seek further nourishment from God, the brook had dried up completely. However, Elijah was not deterred and he waited patiently for a period of time until he received direction from the Lord. He did not move until he received word from the Lord. Jonathan found comfort in knowing that even when the brook is dry, the Lord is faithful in giving direction. Sometimes it just takes a period of time waiting upon the Lord. The faith of Elijah in this story is the kind of faith Jonathan, Tracy, and I need to be reminded of. To have faith that God will give each of us direction. Sometimes God is just asking us to be obedient and wait beside the brook that seems dry, because God is never early and He is never late. Rather, He is ALWAYS on time, He is faithful and He is able. Your prayers have helped us in ways that can never be described. Thank you so much for being faithful and obedient to the Lord. May he bless you for blessing this team. Tracy and Jenny.


  1. Thanks for sharing and making it personal! It shows us that God is working all the time!

    Shelley W

  2. What great encouragement!! Thank you for sharing.