Monday, June 14, 2010

The Trip - Day 3

We travelled to NE Kenya today. The trip took about six hours. We arrived at the guest house around 7:00 PM. We had to unload all our luggage and tools, get everyone setup for dinner and greet the Bethany interns who will be working with us, or maybe we will be working with them, while we are here. There are eight interns five months into a sixteen month internship here. The interns will be with us the enitre time we are here. This brings the total size of the team to ariund 70. This includes the Living Hope team, AFC Madaraka's team, AFC Garissa's team and Bethany's team. We are hoping to hit the ground running tomorrow, especially on the construction project. God has been good to us throughout this trip and continued to bless us on our journey today. Everyone is here, safe and sound. We will try to write more tomorrow. God bless.

I know I promised more pictures but we have been very busy and didn't have time today. We will post some new pictures as soon as we can.


  1. Praying for a great day building the school!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kate--- Mike, could you find someone to give her a big hug for me today and wish her Happy 16th birthday. I am delighted with the honorable young lady she has become.
    Continuing in prayer for all.

  2. I just love checking each day to read your blogs..I am praying for all of you and filled with joy to hear how God is blessing you in answer to our prayers. Say hi to Daniel and George for me tell them I love them and miss them! Lori C