Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tim and Mike Day 1 - Kenya Trip

12-3 10:20 AM The plane actually left Green Bay on time an we are on our way to Kenya.
We will fly from Green Bay, through Minneapolis, then Amsterdam, Netherlands and finally Nairobi, Kenya over the next day and a half.

12-4 8:45 PM We have arrived in Nairobi. From the moment we step off the plane onto
the jet way we know we are back in Kenya. The sounds, the smells and
our spirits all tell us we are in Kenya. The trip has been long but we are excited to be here. Now if we can just find our luggage and get through customs maybe we can get some sleep.

12-4 10:30 PM All our luggage made it. Dan Germo and Becky Manditch meet us at the airport to Dan and Nancy’s home where we will be staying while in Nairobi. Dan and Nancy Germo are fulltime missionaries in Kenya who became friends with Tim and Chrissy Kelly in college. Dan and Nancy have been working in Kenya for eleven years. They live in Nairobi with their three children, Graham who is 13, Cailin who is 10 and Ellie who is five. Beck is working as an intern with Dan for the year.

12-4 11:00 PM We arrive at Dan and Nancy’s. It is hard to say who is more excited to see who. Becky seems pretty excited to have a couple more mzungu (white people) to talk with. Or maybe she is just happy to see us cause we remind her of home. Finally, we can get some sleep. Or maybe it’s the Christmas presents we brought from home.
Tim and Mike

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