Monday, December 14, 2009

Kenya Day 12

We finished fixing the dryer today. It works great except the power outlet melted and now we have to replace it. Anyone know a good electrician here in Nairobi? We went to AFC Madaraka to meet with Dr. Kabachia and his staff after we finished the dryer. We spoke with George who teaches at the computer college we setup during 2007 trip. Over 90 students have completed the three month training course offered at the church and another group of 15 just finished. The equipment seems to be working well. George is going to let Mike know what parts or components the college could use. Hopefully we can bring out anything that is needed in June. It was exciting to see and hear about how well the computer college is working. We don't always get to see the fruit of our labor so it is nice when we have that opportunity. We went to dinner with Becky tonight. We had a good time sharing a meal and fellowship. Becky has been with us almost every day but we have been so busy we haven't really spent much time talking. Tomorrow we are going to a Pastor's fellowship and we are going to pick up a new power outlet. We'll fix that dryer or set something on fire trying.

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