Sunday, December 13, 2009

Kenya Day 10

We travelled back to Nairobi today. We went out into the desert to a giraffe sanctuary before leaving the great hot North. There are three types of giraffes in Kenya: the massai, the rothschild and the reticulated. The reticulated giraffes are mainly in Northern Kenya. Who says three's a crowd. We had a great time in Northern Kenya and an opportunity to see an area of Kenya that is totally different than any place we had been in Kenya. The people, customs, terrain, weather, culture and weather are as different as night and day from the other areas of Kenya we had travelled to. On the way back to Nairobi we took a shortcut through Limaru. This area is a prime spt for growing coffee and tea. We drove through many coffee groves and acres of tea bushes. The picture below was taken about two hours south of the picture above. The bottom
picture is a tea farm around Limaru. This is another example of the constant contrast of extremes in Kenya. After we arrived in Nairobi we spent the rest of the day resting from our trip and continuing to plan a team trip to Northern Kenya. It seemed cool by comparison in Nairobi, although not as cool as it will be when we arrive home. This has been a great trip and time of learning for Tim and Mike. We are in a much better position to plan for the team to travel here in June.

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