Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kenya Day 13

We went to AFC Madaraka for a pastors' fellowship meeting today. We met with Dr. Kabachia and discussed the planning for the rest of our trip. We spent sometime talking with Pastor Silas Katheka from the church in Githurai. This is the AFC church that we helped to plant in 1999. We have partnered with the church since that time and Tim wanted to get a report on the health of the church for everyone at home. The pastor came with one of the elders from the church and we discussed the current status of the church and their vision for moving the church forward. They are hoping to have electricity installed in the church soon. The installation will require about 70,000 Ksh or just less than $1000 US. The electrical service is based on a prepayment plan. Someone purchases a certain amount of credits for nguvu ya umeme (electric power). As long as you have credits you have power, when the credits run out so does the power. If the church had electricity they could hold meetings and teach classes during the week which would help them to have more of an impact on the community of Githurai. We also met with Pastor Peter Kahunda from the church at Kasarani. We helped to plant the Kasarani church when we were here in 2005. Kahunda has been involved in all the LHC mission trips to Kenya, first as a Pastor at the church in Madaraka then starting the church in Kasarani. Pastor Kahunda and Mike are also twin brothers, which is obvious to anyone who has seen the two of them together, so it was a reunion of sorts. Pastor Kahunda oversees all the AFC churches in Nairobi as well as pastoring his own congregation at Kasarani so we were able to get an update on many of the churches we have worked alongside over the last ten years. We also discussed plans for the June trip with Pastor K. He would like to bring a group of members from Kasarani to work along side us while we are in Northern Kenya. As we were talking we found out that Kahunda is a trained electrician. Mike has been wondering where he could find someone to explain the differences in Kenyan and American electrical distribution only to find out his twin brother had the answer all along. Another prayer answered. It is hard to believe we will be leaving in just two short days. There is still a lot of details to figure out and plans to make. We have several more meetings planned over the next couple of days to make sure we get everything arranged, as much as anything can be arranged half-way around the world, for the trip in June.

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