Monday, December 7, 2009

Kenya, Day 4

12-7 We attend church at the Agape Fellowship Center Madaraka. This is the head church of Agape Fellowship which has churches throughout Kenya. Tim is the guest speaker at the early service. We arrive at the church and are greeted by Dr. Stephen Kibachia and his wife Jennifer. Dr. Kibachia is the head pastor, or bishop, for the Agape Felloship. Living Hope has been working with Agape and Dr. Kibachia since the first team came to Kenya in 1999. We spend time catching up with our friends and discussing the schedule for the next week. We plan on traveling north on Wednesday to see the work Agape is doing in the area. This will allow us to make some plans for how we can help when the Living Hope team comes out in June 2010. As we talk with Dr. K, Dan and others at Agape we are reminded that there is one God and one Spirit that binds all of us together as brother and sisters in Christ. Tim speaks on God working through our weaknesses and His power enabling all believers to do the work He has planned for us. This is evident all around us here in Kenya. We spend the rest of the day visiting with the Germo family and decorating their home for Christmas. Somehow, setting up a Christmas tree when it is 75 degrees just doesn’t seem quite right.
Tim and Mike

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  1. Prayers for all of you as you 'git er done...
    Blessings! Michele Olson