Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Second thru Fourth Day

We travelled to Njorro (pronounced Jorro) to work with David and Ann Kinyanjui. The internet service there was unreliable so I wasn’t able to provide any updates while we were there. We have returned to Nairobi and are looking forward to going to work with the Witts.
When we arrived on Friday we were greeted by hundreds of mommas singling, clapping and playing drums. We were escorted and danced into the school where we would be working on the meals and the building project. To be greeted by so many people who were excited and overjoyed to receive us was a little overwhelming but also an amazing blessing. In Njorro we were able to help with providing meals to single mothers and older mothers on Friday and children on Saturday. There were probably 265 mothers on Friday and another 350 children on Saturday. We provided the food, helped with the preparation and served the meal. The team played with the children and taught them new songs and games as the meal was cooking. It was amazing to see so all the children having fun and enjoying the attention of our group.
We also worked on building chicken coops for David and Ann. The Kinyanjuis raise chickens and sell the eggs and excess chickens to fund the work they do at their pre-schools. They also “give” chickens to people who are in need. The people who receive the chickens are expected to donate a pair of chickens back to David and Ann once the pair has started producing new chicks. David and Ann then give the pair to someone else in need. We built four chicken coops that the Kinyanjuis will use to help people in their community. The chicken coops will be donated along with the pair of chickens to people who would not otherwise have the ability to build their own coop.
We attended church in Njorro on Sunday. Tracy was able to share during the bible study time at the service. Tracy did a great job sharing God’s word and God’s love. Madeline and Bonnie shared a little about their experiences for the two days we worked in Njorro. Mark preached for the main service. Everyone did an amazing job sharing God’s word and God’s love with the people of Agape Felloship Njorro. We did one more meal after the church service and David and Ann invited people who were in the area to come in and be fed.
I had a great time serving with David and Ann and I think the rest of the team did too. The Kinyanjuis are awesome examples of God’s grace and love. They do so much to help so many people with so little and they do it all with a smile and praise for God. It was great being able to serve alongside them. Tomorrow we will leave Nairobi to go and work with the Witts.

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