Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Week!

We have spent the last three days working with Jason and Rebecca Witt. Jason and Bekkah are involved in many different ministries in this area. Their focus is to show people the love and peace of God by setting an example in their day to day living, doing whatever they can to improve the lives of the people in this area and by being an active part of the community. The men have been working with Jason on the farm and the women have been travelling with Bekkah as she and her daughters go to visit local schools. They have been visiting schools that are attended by local children who follow the local belief systems. They have been playing and singing with the children, working on craft projects and even performed a skit. The crafts, songs and the skit all deliver a message. The first craft was designed to teach the children the message “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands” , the second was on the fruit of the spirit and included the skit.

We have been working with Jason to build a trellis system that can be easily moved to support vine plants like tomatoes, melons, etc. The trellises need to built from metal because nothing made of wood would last. Between the heat and the termites nothing wooden lasts for long. We are also started helping a missionary that has been working with Jason to build a hydroponic bed for growing vegetables. On the farm they have three fish tanks. The fish produce nutrients in the water that need to be cleaned or the levels will become too high and kill the fish. The nutrients in the water are great for growing vegetables. The idea is to build a structure to act as a vegetable bed over the fish tank. The bed will be filled with sand and gravel. Water from the fish tank is pumped up to the bed where the nutrients will be filtered out by the sand and gravel. The plants will feed directly from the water so no soil is needed. The water will pass through the bed and return to the fish tank clean and oxygenated. Pretty cool idea for a place that lacks sufficient water and proper soil for producing food.
It is an awesome blessing being here working with the Witts and the Kellys. God is so amazingly good and to have this opportunity to share His love in practical ways is humbling and exciting at the same time. Tim talked about a friend of ours, Rubien, the other night. Rubien was born in this area of Kenya and he has a genuine love for the people here. When Rubien was explaining why he has such a passion for these people he always says he was fortunate to be born into the family he has. If he had been born into a different family or just 80 Km further north how very different his life would have been. Rubien says he didn't choose his family or place of birth, no one does, and he feels that people deserve an opportunity to know God despite their family, people group or place of birth. At one point or another we have probably all said "If not for the grace of God", but Rubien, the Kellys and the Witts are putting this to practical application and I am thankful to have a chance to be even a small part of it.

We will be here working with Jason, Bekkah, Tim and Chris through Saturday when we return to Nairobi. Thank you for your continued prayers and support. We love and miss all of you!

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  1. Thank you for your updates; it makes me feel better and worry less about my daughter Madeline as she travels with you all. Sincerely, Elizabeth Behrendt