Saturday, February 22, 2014

Around Town

Mark and I have been back in Nairobi since Thursday. We had a couple of adventures on our way up north and on our way home. A reliable four wheel drive vehicle is a basic necessity here...

On Friday Tim and Dan took us to a meeting at FTT (Finish The Task). FTT is a Kenyan organization that Bethany has partnered with to reach the unreached people here in Kenya. A group is considered a unique people if they have a distinct language, culture, customs etc. An unreached people group is a group that doesn't have a church presence in their language. Most of these people groups live in remote areas with difficult climates and harsh living conditions. FTT is focused on mobilizing the Kenyan church to send missionaries to these groups. We met with Ruben and Ezekiel, directors from FTT, to hear their vision for reaching these people and fulfilling the great commission.

We also meet with the pastors of Agape Madaraka and got a tour of the church. It was a little nostalgic for me. I remember when the church was a tent and now it is a building capable of seating 1500 with classrooms for a bible college, a computer training program and a dress making school. It is inspiring and humbling to see what God has done through AFC. They had 6 churches around Nairobi in 1999 and today have more than 230 churches all over Kenya, Uganda and Sudan.

I mentioned Pastor David and his wife Ann from Njorro in an earlier post. They have taken on the task of feeding and teaching the vulnerable children in and around Njorro. These are children who are orphans or whose parents can't provide for them. David and Ann feed them three meals a day, five days a week. To raise money for buying food they have started raising chickens. They collect the eggs and sell them to purchase food. They also raise and sell the chickens to raise funds. They have started giving a pair of chickens to people to start raising their own. When the chickens start to grow a pair of chicks is given back to David and Ann to continue their operation. Who knew chickens could be used to improve the economy of a town.

Thanks again for praying for us. Please continue to pray for us and the church here in Kenya.

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