Friday, June 22, 2012


We finished our project at the school today. We built seven tables and fourteen chairs for the literacy class, a table for the sewing class and two book shelves. Looking back I am amazed at what the Lord has made. We started with some very rough cut lumber, a few tools, Tim K's skills as a builder and a leader, and a group of people who were willing tp be used by God. In four short days we were able to furnish two classrooms and cast the ring beam for the second story of the building.The tables for the classrooms are five feet long and will seat two adult students. The table for the sewing class is six feet long and will be used foraying out patterns and material for making dresses. Our team, the Bethany interns and the tea from Agape Madaraka all worked together to accomplish what none of us could alone and we had a great time working together. Pastor Wananga said he believed God elevated us to accomplish the work and I would have to agree. One of the interns asked me if I had been at the school before this trip and I said yes. Looking back it is hard to believe that just three years ago there was nothing on this piece of land other than a three sided tin shed. Today there is a two story stone and cement structure that will be used as a platform to show God's love to a group of people that most would rather forget. God has not forgotten or forsaken them. He is working with and through all of us to reach out to them. Seeing what He has accomplished is evidence to them and us that He continues to reach out to everyone. Our continuing involvement in this project is a blessing. To have an opportunity to work with our brothers and sisters from Agape and Bethany is a blessing. The team from Agape took a week to come to a difficult place to work hard for their God. These are men and women who have little to offer other than themselves and their sweat and they give freely. The Kenyans don't always know where their next meal will come from and they are still willing to take time away from work to be a part of what God is doing. The Bethany interns are a group of young people who are willing to go to the ends of the earth, literally, to pour out their lives for God. To have an opportunity to work with people like this is a blessing. Tomorrow we are going to visit the farm and Jason and Bekah's home. Sunday we will have church here with the local Agape congregation then return to Nairobi. I will post pictures as soon as I can. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers you are sending us. Without your support and love we couldn't do this.


  1. Sounds like amazing things are getting done! All through the willingness of God's people! Thanks for being willing!

  2. With all that, I still believe: The Best Is Yet To Come! Have an amazing Sunday morning service. Be blessed team.