Tuesday, June 19, 2012

if you build it...

Spent the day building tables for the school. The progress that has been made on the building is pretty amazing. The walls on one side of the first floor are complete. The ring beam for the second floor will be poured this week. Once the ring beam is done the roof will be constructed and the second floor will be useable. We helped by carrying sand and gravel upstairs for the ring beam. The cement will be mixed, by hand, on the second floor and carried by bucket brigade to the form. Once the pour for the beam is started it has to continue, uninterrupted, until the beam is complete. Lots of buckets! We built the bases for seven 5 ft. Tables yesterday. We also made a template for the chairs and built the first table top. We will make the remaining table tops today and start building the chairs. Everyone worked hard today and seemed to enjoy working alongside the Kenyans and Bethany interns who came with us from Nairobi. The Agape church in Madaraka sent a group of eight, including two pastors, to work with us. There are eight interns from Bethany college here too. The interns will spend 16 months here. It is great to be able to work together and fellowship with our partners in this project. As soon as we have the tables and chairs ready a dress making class will start at the school. They are also using the school to teach language and literacy. We have a comfortable place to stay, food to eat, and we are working for our Father. Could anything be better? The weather has been good - not too hot - we are amazingly blessed! I wish you could all be here with us :) I'm having some technical issues posting pictures but I will keep trying. God is doing amazing things here on the oter side of the world and we can't wait to share it with you.


  1. You are all in our hearts and prayers, friends. Looking forward to incredible reports when you get back.

  2. Great to heat that things are moving along so well. Can't wait to hear more!