Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Day After the Seventh...

Tim and I went with Dan to meet with Dr. Kibachia today. We had a great time catching up with him and what has been happening at Agape Fellowship. We also laid out the basic plan for the trip in June. It is always awesome to meet with Stephen. He has a great vision for Agape Fellowship that extends to all of Africa and beyond.

Jason Witt travelled up from Tanzania tonight. We spent some time breaking bread and discussing everything Jason and his family have been doing here in Africa. We will be spending the next couple of days with Jason. 

The Germo's and the Witt's are incredible families. Their lives are centred on God and the work being done to reach the unreached people groups here in Africa. They truly love the people of Kenya and work tirelessly to reach all the people here. We are blessed to be able to work alongside them and the Church here in Kenya. 

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  1. Always good to hear that they are all well and doing God's work.