Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Second Day

Dan and one of the Bethany intern program directors returned from Tanzania today. Bethany has three global intern sites including one located in Africa. The interns have been working with the Witts in Tanzania for the past several weeks. Dan and Paul were in Tanzania meeting with the Witts and teaching the interns.

The power has been off more than on since we arrived. Everything in Kenya takes a little longer and requires more effort than the same task would in the United States. When the power is out things get even more difficult and the power can be out a lot here. Imagine trying to do everyday things like laundry, cooking meals, etc. with no electricity. Now imagine doing it several days in a row every month and you'll get the idea. The people who live in Kenya are incredibly hard working and incredibly generous. They are always willing to take time to help others and share whatever they have with anyone in need. As a visitor, I always feel welcome, even when the power goes out.


  1. This blog will preach! Imagine trying to do the work of the Kingdom without the power that only comes from the Holy Spirit. A good reminder to keep plugged into our True Source. Thanks, Mike.

  2. Glad you had power to post! Its interesting to here about life there.