Monday, November 28, 2011

The First Day

We arrived around midnight local time Sunday night. Tim and I spent our first night in Nairobi in a Mennonite missionary guest house because it was so late when we arrived. The guest house was nice although by the time we arrived anything that didn't resemble the inside of an airplane would have looked pretty nice to us. To be honest as much as I love being in Kenya the travel to get here never gets any easier.

After a good nights sleep we ate breakfast and spent the morning talking through some of our thoughts for this trip. As we were talking Tim noticed a group of small birds swarming over a piece of fruit in a tree next to the porch where we were sitting.

The tree was had a lot of fruit but all the birds kept going after the same piece. I was reminded of Matthew 6:25 - 33. Sometimes I think we are a lot like the birds in this particular tree, we get caught up in making sure we are getting what we want, our "fair" share, and we miss the abundance that God has placed right before us. There is plenty for everyone. God knows what we need and will make sure we have the provisions we require. We need to trust Him and follow His plan and He will make sure our needs are met. Every time I think back on this trip and see the picture of the birds I hope it will remind me to make the most of everyday and to seek out the abundance of blessings God has given me.

We met up with the Germo's after breakfast and spent the rest of the day settling in at their house and catching up. If you haven't met Dan, Nancy and their three kids they are an awesome family. They have been working in Kenya for the past thirteen years. They are a great family and wonderful people that provide a daily example of the meaning of Matthew 28:19-20.

Finally, thanks to all our Living Hope family for the prayers and support you have given and continue to give us as we continue on our trip. I think God has truly called us to be involved in missions and the work He is doing and that requires all of us, some to go, some to stay, all to love. Thanks.


  1. Thank you Missions for what you do.

  2. Great picture! Awesome message! Shelley