Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Journey

As I read Chrissy and Tony's posts tonight, my excitement for the upcoming trip to Kenya kicked up another notch. I was also reminded of how much goes into a trip like this. Eveyone who goes on a trip like this will struggle with something. We need to prepare for this struggle while we are here, otherwise we will deal with it in Kenya. My biggest struggle is the fear that I will find myself in a position where God has given me an opportunity and I will find myself unqualified or unequal to the task. Praying, reading the word, and reflecting on all that God has done to help me grow as a person and a Christian helps me to deal with this issue. I believe all our life is a journey and God uses each step to make us into what He intended us to be and to prepare us for the opportunities He provides us. I don't know what challenges you will face as we prepare and go, but I know you will be challenged - and changed - by God. Preparing for this trip, the trip itself and the challenges we will face are steps in the journey of becoming who God intended us to be. That we will be able to go through this adventure with God and each other is the exciting part. We will build relationships with people and build on our relationship with God each step of the way.

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