Sunday, October 19, 2014

Almost the end...

The trip is coming to a close. We finished the last of the ministry projects today by going to Kasarani and attending the church service at Agape Kasarani. Agape Kasarani is the church of our longtime friend Pastor Peter Kaunda.

We accomplished a lot during our last two days with Jason and Bekkah. We finished all the trellises and Mark fabricated a door for a goat house from scratch. We also held a medical clinic, a women and children’s health training session and fed the local villagers Pilau. At the beginning of the training session several local men insisted they be included but when they learned what the topic would be they were more than happy to leave the learning to the women. I guess men are the same all over. It was great to be with Jason and Bekkah – they are so gracious to open their hearts and home to us every time we bring a team. Our Go truly is good – all the time.
Yesterday we travelled back to Nairobi which is basically an all-day effort. This morning part of the team went to the church at Kasarani, as I mentioned, and the rest of the team went to church with Chrissy Kelly. The church service at Kasarani was awesome but it was long, we were in church from 10:00 AM until 3:30 PM. After church we went to Peter and his wife Ruth’s home and had a bite to eat. We left Peter’s a little after 4:00 PM.
Tomorrow we are going to the Nairobi game park to see the wonders of God’s creation here in Africa. On Tuesday we will do some shopping and pack. Wednesday morning at 4:00 AM we will leave to go to the airport. It is hard to believe the two weeks has come and gone this fast. Please continue to pray for us as we complete our time here and travel back home.

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